Why Study a Short-Term Course in the UK?

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Students who want to learn more in less time may find short-term courses in the UK to be appealing options. Accelerated short-term courses provide intensive instruction in a particular subject. They are less expensive than degrees that last a year and typically last 1 to 6 months. The UK is one of the best places in the world for education, offering more cutting-edge programmes than any other country. For a taste of academic life there, many Indian students enrol in summer school or short-term courses in the UK.

You should enroll in short-term courses in the UK for the reasons listed below:

  1. Personality development: Interacting with other international students who are interested in the same things as you does wonders for your self-assurance.
  2. Communication Skills: Enrolling in a short-term course in the UK guarantees that you will fully develop all of your communication, English proficiency, and targeted skills.
  3. The ideal length of time to travel independently throughout the UK is provided by short-term courses, which last no longer than six months.
  4. Seeing the UK: Discover the UK Vacations are a hidden benefit of short-term courses. You attend the class for a few hours each day, but the rest of the time is yours to explore the United Kingdom and its culture.
ProgramDurationEligibilityTuition Fees in INR
Furniture Design for Beginners6 Weeks12th37984
Footwear Design Short Course2 Weeks12th77602
Animation and Illustration Portfolio Preparation Short Course1 Week12th63307
Branding & Identity Design Short Course5 Weeks12th47378
Graphic Design Short Course1 Week12th54321
Fashion Buying and Merchandising Intensive Short Course1 Week12th56772
Business Analytics3 Weeks12th230112
Sustainable Finance & Climate Change2 Weeks12th156675
Pre-University – Humanities Short Course2 Weeks12th391117.

Popular short-term medical and health courses offered in the UK

Due to the rapid advancement in the health and medical fields, the UK is now one of the top countries in terms of medical knowledge.

Check out the course details here:

Short-term course Offered by 
Introduction to Psychology- 21 days University of Warwick
Immunology of Tropical Diseases- 1 monthLiverpool School of Tropical Medicine
Health Promotion- 14 days Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine
Revolutions in Biomedicine- 1 month Imperial College London
Human Anatomy- 5 months University of Glasgow
Clinical Psychology and Mental Health- 19 days University of Sussex
Return to Practice (Nursing)- 2 monthsCity, University of London
Principles of Respiratory and Thoracic Care- 3 months Anglia Ruskin University 
Child Nutrition- 14 days Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine 
Pain Management- 3 months Anglia Ruskin University 

Visa Requirements for Studying in the United Kingdom

Depending on the nature of your short-term course in the UK, you can apply for one of two types of UK visas.

  1. To study English in the UK for a short duration, apply for a short-term study visa. This visa is valid for English courses lasting 6 to 11 months.
  2. Other courses lasting less than six months require you to apply for a UK Visitor Visa. This visa allows you to stay in the UK for a period of six months.
  3. In either case, the letter of acceptance is an important document that you must include with your UK visa application.

The Cost of Studying in the United Kingdom

Short term courses have lower tuition fees because of their shorter duration. The average tuition fee ranges between Rs. 43,570 and Rs. 5.10 lakhs.

Aside from the cost of studying, the cost of living in the UK is also prohibitively expensive for Indian students. Again, the cost of living is determined by the city in which you choose to pursue your short term course in the UK. Rent in London, for example, is 51.22% higher than rent in Oxford. An Indian student would spend Rs.1.03 lakh per month on short-term courses in the UK on average.

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