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Student working part - time in the UK

Living expenses in the UK are not exactly cheap, and moving to a new country can be an overwhelming change. Many international students work part-time jobs while studying in the UK to supplement their income. There are a few considerations you should make if you intend to work while studying in the UK. What you should know about part-time jobs UK guide is as follows.

Allowed Working Hours for International Students in the UK

On a student visa, Indian students can work in the UK. However, be sure to confirm that your visa enables you to work in the UK before arriving there. The following are the maximum employment hours:

  1. Throughout the term, 20 hours per week
  2. During the holidays, 40 hours per week

International Students Need a National Insurance Number

When they begin working in the UK, all non-UK students are required by law to obtain a National Insurance number (NINo). If you have already found work, you can apply, begin working, and inform your employer that you have applied for a NINo. A NINo is also required to apply for benefits or a student loan. You can apply for a NINo on your own or use a service for a small fee of £25. To obtain one, dial the NINo application line.

Line for obtaining a National Insurance number:

Phone: 0800 141 2075; Text: 0800 141 2438

The entire procedure takes about 15 days.

UK Part-Time Job Regulations

There are a few guidelines that you must abide by even though a UK student visa enables international students to work part-time jobs in the UK. The list of them is below.

  1. You are only allowed to work a maximum of 20 hours per week, or 4 hours per day, while enrolled in a full-time degree programWorking .
  2. During a term of the language course, you may not work more than 10 hours per week.
  3. If a session is interrupted, you can work 40 hours per week, or 8 hours per day, with the weekends off.
  4. You cannot work for hire or on a contract basis.
  5. Without a post-study work visa, you are unable to start working full-time for any company.

Minimum Wage for International Students in the United Kingdom

The National Minimum Wage (NMW) is the legal minimum wage that employers in the United Kingdom must pay to their employees. This is true for both UK and non-UK residents of the country. The same is true for students who work part-time or full-time jobs.

As of April 1st, 2022, the NMW is:

  1. £9.50 per hour for workers aged 23 and up (known as the National Living Wage)
  2. £9.18 per hour for employees aged 21 to 22
  3. £6.83 per hour for 18 – 20-year-olds

When deciding to work in the UK while studying, keep in mind that you should not take on more than you can handle. To make the most of your time in the UK, maintain a healthy work-study-life balance.

Job Employment FAQs

.In the UK, how much can a part-time student make?

The national minimum wage for students between the ages of 18 and 20 works out to £6.15 per hour. In the UK, individuals 21 and older can make £7.70 per hour.

How can Indian students get part-time jobs in the UK?

In the UK, it’s very simple for students to find part-time work. Bartending, barista, and other jobs are available. You will have fewer hours but the same responsibilities as a full-time employee, so you must be very flexible with your availability. Universities can help you with your job search as well.

Can an Indian student work while studying in the UK?

There are many opportunities for part-time work in the UK if you’re a student and want to earn money. You can work up to 20 hours per week while in school’s term period and more outside of it if you have a student visa.

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